Diane Kolin

PRIVATE EVENT – Concert-workshop with Xenia Concerts: Michael Bridge & Diane Kolin at Safehaven, in Toronto

Xenia Concerts makes a private appearance at Safehaven with a family-friendly concert that embraces neurodiversity and disability! This collaboration between Xenia Concerts and Safehaven provides an inspiring musical experience to the organization’s attendees! This concert has been designed to be enjoyable and accessible for neurodivergent listeners, those with disabilities, and their families and caregivers. More...

Organ Festival in St. Gallen, Switzerland

St. Laurenzen Church Kirche St. Laurenzen, Marktgasse 25, St. Gallen, Switzerland

After the September 2023 inauguration and April 2024 book launch festivities, this new edition will feature local and international organists and artists. More details to come on the program.